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Or if you are daring enough, try flying like Ironman! Flyboarding The adventures and achievements to be had in Bali are almost endless! In search of peace, positive energy, and stress relief? And honestly, having your very own Eat, Pray, Love experience is something you should consider. We say, visit a spiritual retreat — Anand Ashram Ubud, and soak up the positive spiritual energy. You will enjoy the tranquility; the calming, lulling strains of birdsong; flowing waters; and even the sonorous chime of bells.

Solo Travel in Gorgeous Puerto Rico: My First Caribbean Solo Trip!

Norwegian Cruise Line Why: Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic was the first ship in its fleet to feature studio cabins in all targeted at and priced for solo cruisers. The line continued the trend with Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Getaway, which each feature 59 studio cabins, and Norwegian Escape, which features 82 studio units.

Four studios also can be found on Pride of America, which sails year-round in Hawaii. A full-size bed, flat-screen TV and private bathroom are all squeezed into these square-foot accommodations. Although all studios are inside cabins, each has a window that looks out onto the corridor.

I just started a travel service for Seniors, and I am a self employed travel planner. I just started building my website, and will begin posting tours, cruises, and trips for later this year. I .

Earlier in the year, I thought about traveling somewhere during the December holidays. I definitely needed to get away for a bit to get some much-needed relaxation and come back ready to start the new year feeling fresh and rejuvenated. I decided I was going to travel to Belize for six days — alone. I had never traveled solo, but I decided that I would take the plunge and try something new.

Initially, I was unsure of what it would be like as a woman traveling alone outside of the country. Naturally, I thought a great deal about safety concerns and whether I would be bored and lonely without a travel companion. However, soon after I landed in Belize, these worries and doubts quickly faded away. My solo trip to Belize was eye-opening and filled with adventure. I had an amazing time, and I also had the opportunity to engage in meaningful self-reflection.

Here are some of the takeaways I gained from my travels.

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I was mistaken for a prostitute. But dozens of times. The first time it happened, I was in Spain. The second time, The Czech Republic.

Every month, Kristin Addis from Be My Travel Muse writes a guest column featuring tips and advice for solo female travelers as I obviously can’t talk expertly on the subject! She’s back this month with an awesome list of destinations for single women traveling! Traveling solo as woman is a.

Year-ago-me would have expected to be getting married by 29, and having a baby by 30, because that’s what seemed to be expected by family and society. And by society, I mean “Facebook. Year-ago-me was also an idiot who almost didn’t go travel for the sake of staying in an abusive relationship I won’t go there though. Fast forward to today, and today-me has since been to eight countries in just one year, is more happy than she’s ever been, and for once isn’t worried about the clock ticking on trying to find a mate to breed with.

So yes, I’d say my little solo traveling escapades has destroyed my dating life, but I mean it in the best way possible, here’s why: Traveling Solo Expanded My Horizons After breaking up and traveling mostly solo to three continents in three weeks, year-ago-me learned a lot.

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Themed cruises for singles are an excellent opportunity for solo travelers to meet other single people sharing common interests or particular subjects. Most deals are offered as specials on usually shorter itineraries and during low- or off-season times. Occasionally, special offers allow booking a double cabin at reduced single supplement rates.

Women travel statistics indicate that women consumers now drive the world travel economy. Women are earning more, spending more and influencing all levels of the travel industry. Women’s purchasing power in the travel segment has never been higher.

Helen Ochyra helenochyra Thailand is the quintessential backpacker destination. Here you can make the first footprints on secluded sands , dance shoeless under a full moon and swim beneath cascading waterfalls. Here’s everything you need to know: Which sights shouldn’t I miss? The party starts at dusk, when thousands of lamps are lit, and continues through the night, with dancing, fire twirling and, of course, drinking.

Here you can visit small local communities, but be mindful of concerns around tribal tourism. Fares are the same no matter the number of passengers so team up with one or two three is the safe maximum other travellers to save money. Agree the fare before setting out expect to pay baht for short Bangkok hops and be sure to have the right money ready on arrival. Solo travellers can make good use of the motorcycle taxis that ply all common routes in both major towns and more off-the-beaten-track parts.

An overnight bus or train is a good way of getting from A to B while also saving the cost of a hostel. The overnight trains are operated by the State Railway of Thailand and run on four useful routes out of Bangkok, including services to Ayutthaya, to Chiang Mai and to Surat Thani a jumping off point for many of the southern islands. Second-class berths are the best bet for solo travellers, with the communal comfortable seats converting into fully flat curtained-off beds come nightfall.

Bring snacks and drinks and settle in for a long journey.

4 Life Lessons I Learned While Traveling to BelizeSolo

Thursday, October 27, Women traveling solo? Of the 20 people on tour in Italy with me, more than half were women. Some were married but said their husband’s didn’t like long plane flights.

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Look in the mirror. Traveling solo might seem daunting, but it’s easier — and more rewarding — than you think. These 11 tips for senior singles travel will help you create the perfect solo vacation. Here are just a few senior singles travel tour companies: Want to relax and socialize? Road Scholar welcomes solo travelers on its education-focused, value-priced tours. Overseas Adventure Travel leads adventure travel tours around the world without charging a single supplement.

Choose The Right Cruise Line While you’re still likely to pay a single supplement when cruising, “the tide has been turning for solo cruisers, and some of the newest ships out there are now accommodating those traveling alone,” Cruise Critic reports. River cruise lines offer smaller groups and sometimes omit the supplement charges. On-board hosts arrange singles excursions, cocktail parties and activities.

With these cruises, you can avoid paying the single supplement, but you’ll be matched with a roommate. These cruises are a great way to meet other over singles, but do your homework to make sure the trip meets your expectations. Some senior singles cruises are all about non-stop partying, while others are social but more sedate.

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Traveling solo as woman is a unique opportunity to find out exactly who you are in completely new surroundings and without anyone around from your past to influence you. That can be a scary prospect, but the good news is there are plenty of places out there that can make you feel safe and welcome. And when in the right place, a solo trip — regardless of how long it is — has the power to benefit you for years or even a lifetime thereafter.

While it was possible to feel inspired and delighted everywhere, a few places in particular stand out as great options for women traveling alone.

Solo travel to Europe is an experience that will fill you with many emotions – fear, excitement, hesitation and exhilaration all included. You’re facing the unknown, but at the same time you know you’re in for the journey of a lifetime.

Wild About Travel What I love about my friend Simon Falvo’s world travel blog is her choice of destinations – a traveler after my own heart. After all, how many solo female bloggers choose Algeria and Pakistan as destinations? And gorgeous photos to put you right there. My original list of top travel blogs to follow if you’re a solo female traveler A Little Adrift Shannon is a long-term traveler and has been on the road since a magical year during which innumerable women quit their jobs, started to travel the world and launched a blog!

She focuses on slow travel the best kind, in my opinion and vegetarian travel but the real pearl is her sister site, Grassroots Volunteering. Don’t even consider volunteering before dropping by first! Adventures in Culture Not by a solo female traveler at all but by my friend Jeff Dobbins, who is in love with culture and communicates it so engagingly he was in New York theater for years, after all I want to visit every place and event he mentions.

It helps that he shoots a stunning photograph as well – and has given me the meanest tour of NYC I’ve ever had!

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Men can be more forward than in other Western countries but if you politely indicate your lack of interest, they will apologise and leave you alone. When you solo travel to Greece, especially Athens, be careful at night and keep a close eye on your belongings, just as you would in any other large city. While Greeks still welcome travellers from North America and other parts of Europe, additional caution is advised for visitors from other parts of the world as racially motivated violence is apparently on the rise.

Jul 16,  · A travel study conducted by Expedia and Tinder found that travelers preferred to use dating apps on the road when they were traveling in a group, but solo .

Solo Travellers Solo Travellers People often ask us, ‘are our trips suitable for solo travellers? Every trip that heads out typically has a mix of like-minded couples, friends, siblings and solo travellers on board. In fact, around half of the people that travel with us are travelling on their own. From the moment you meet as a group on day one, there’s a relaxed, fun and friendly vibe.

Everyone who travels with us joins our adventure vacations to see a new part of the world, challenge themselves and meet new people. By the end of the trip, you’ll feel like you’re travelling with old friends, laughing and joking, telling stories and swapping anecdotes from your adventure together! Sure, you’ll still get those quiet moments to reflect by yourself as you sit and admire breath-taking views.

You’ll get to go at your own pace as you hike, bike and kayak each day and you’ll have some spare time to explore some of the unique destinations that we visit. If you’re travelling by yourself, let us know when you get in touch , and we’ll be able to point you towards the best trip for you. Our guides have a special talent for making all sorts of group dynamics work wonderfully!

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