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Watch movements come in three types: Below we explain the differences between them and their pros and cons. Most mainsprings are about inches long. Not all mechanical movements are created equal. The attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into a watch will determine its smoothness and accuracy. Pros of Mechanical Watches: When the watch stops ticking, just wind it up. The engineering and work that goes into a mechanical watch is breathtaking.


A watch, more than any other accessory or item of clothing, can be a window into a man’s personality. So which of the following tribes do you belong to? Vegas , Marbella and Dubai. His in-car sound system cost more than his car.

timex: na: pla: thus the dating of the watch and the actual specifications are required in many circumstances to discover the facts of dials and dates of production. note the gg-w has no name.. ok? if you read case back and it has then expect no name on dial.

Antiquourm Lot in the March Auction: Zenith Alarm pocketwatch in sterling silver case attributed to Gandhi. I find no problem with the watch itself as presented. Before becoming famous for their high-beat automatic chronograph calibers in the later half of the Twentieth Century, Swiss maker Zenith was known for simpler, respectable, and reliable if perhaps somewhat unremarkable timepieces in the middling price and quality range. A sterling silver-cased Zenith alarm pocketwatch indeed seems rather fitting for a lawyer-turned-visionary, originally purchased for its quality and practicality rather than ostentation.

The condition seems to indicate it was then carried over much of the course of a lifetime, as might be expected for the humbly frugal man known for attention to punctuality. The watch seems consistent with historical depictions. As reported by the Times of India , the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi describes the watch as a gift of which Gandhi was quite fond from Indira Nehru , an additional provenance tidbit that would make the watch even more notable.

It was a gift to me. It was a Zenith watch.

Second Time Around Vintage Watch:

Timex watches are known for being hardy, and can be used during heavy physical activity and under rugged conditions. You can use them while scuba diving, climbing or exercising. Initially, it operated under the name of a sister company. This company was instrumental in making the first low-cost mechanical pocket watch during the late nineteenth century and made waves when it introduced a watch model featuring a famous cartoon character on the face, with his arms as the hour and minute hands.

In spite of stiff competition from cheaper Asian-made watches, Timex persisted and was able to survive through the years as the top-selling watch in North America. Part of Timex’s success is the fact that the company is able to develop watches with multi-functional features.

An authentic American brand since , it’s the one-stop-shop for all your watch needs.

A Well, actually, if it has Timex on the dial, it’s more than 15 years later than that! Here’s a Quick Reference Timelineon Timex watches. Wartime production switches almost entirelyto Defence products, gyroscopes, bomb fuses and the likes. Company continues as WWC. Germany, with a view to making “Electric” watches. Other plants may vary! Q I’ve an old Timex, a first watch, how do I know how old it is?

A Take a look at the dial of your watch, many Timex have a set of numbers around the 6 O’Clock Marker. You may need a magnifier of some kind to read these. If you can see them, the numbers to the right of the six marker will tell you the year your Timex was originally made. The other two or sometimes three numbers tell you the type of movement fitted – see alongside – and so this watch is fitted with a 32 movement The group of numbers to the left of the six marker are the Timex Catalog Number.

You may be able to use these to identify the exact model from our Manuals and Catalog pages if we have a Catalog for the year in question.

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The majority of Movado watches are made so that you are able to change the battery yourself. Going to a jeweler to have a battery changed can be very expensive and can sometimes cost almost as much as the watch itself. It is not complicated to change a Movado watch battery. It can be done quickly and easily with the right supplies a few simple steps.

John is an avid watch lover and recently started buying and selling vintage watches. His love for watches has been a lifelong story with many watches in his personal collection. Recently John has been fascinated with Timex automatic watches from the ’s and Vintage Omega watches as well.

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A Timex question

They printed a string of numbers under the six on the dial. If memory serves me correctly, as I have not seen one of these in 15 years or so, the last five digits of that string of numbers contained the model number of the movement and the production year. Check yours out to see if it was produced in this era.

Timex Expedition Rugged. Nixon crammed the Lowdown S tide watch with over fifteen years of tide information for beaches for surfers, boaters, fishermen and anyone else who needs detailed.

It was real metal and it made me feel grown up. I wore it every day and then later passed it on to a good friend who was just getting into watches. It was another major milestone for me after getting a coveted job in the telecommunications industry. That was twenty years ago, and I still have it. Maybe for my 50th birthday. And we provide fine examples in each brand, from the bottom tier all the way to the top.

Timex really made its wristwatch presence known in the s and has never looked back, improving its reputation with hypersuccessful lines like Ironman, Expedition and Intelligent Quartz. They literally have hundreds of styles including sport, casual, dress, and diving watches.

Timex Acqua Watches

Adjust the date forward or backward 12 hours if your Timex watch changes the date at the noon hour. The month will flash in the display window. Press the mode button to exit. Repeat Step 1 to set the day of the week and date.

Nite Watches is an independent British watch brand that uses the the un-rivalled and self-powered tritium illumination technology.. Available exclusively online, Nite Watches let you tell the time, any time.

Poljot chronograph Casio AE12 LCA liquid-crystal-analog watch Traditionally, watches have displayed the time in analog form, with a numbered dial upon which are mounted at least a rotating hour hand and a longer, rotating minute hand. Many watches also incorporate a third hand that shows the current second of the current minute. Watches powered by quartz usually have a second hand that snaps every second to the next marker.

A truly gliding second hand is achieved with the tri-synchro regulator of Spring Drive watches. All of the hands are normally mechanical, physically rotating on the dial, although a few watches have been produced with “hands” that are simulated by a liquid-crystal display. Analog display of the time is nearly universal in watches sold as jewelry or collectibles, and in these watches, the range of different styles of hands, numbers, and other aspects of the analog dial is very broad.

In watches sold for timekeeping, analog display remains very popular, as many people find it easier to read than digital display; but in timekeeping watches the emphasis is on clarity and accurate reading of the time under all conditions clearly marked digits, easily visible hands, large watch faces, etc. They are specifically designed for the left wrist with the stem the knob used for changing the time on the right side of the watch; this makes it easy to change the time without removing the watch from the wrist.

This is the case if one is right-handed and the watch is worn on the left wrist as is traditionally done. If one is left-handed and wears the watch on the right wrist, one has to remove the watch from the wrist to reset the time or to wind the watch.

older Timex Wristwatch can u help me with model and age

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What does a watch say about a man? Do you notice? from it when you shower (dude I dated here wouldn’t even take it off when he showered). Let me know you can wear a Timex watch when we go hiking for the weekend. This only shows how superficial they are by not dating someone based on what they have or dont have. Also I have never met.

Rewriting Life A Wristwatch that Monitors Blood Pressure Researchers hope a device that tracks vital signs around the clock will help patients better control their blood pressure. Of those who know they have high blood pressure, only two-thirds get treatment, and fewer than half have it under control. Now a new wireless monitor from Hewlett-Packard and a Singapore company called Healthstats aims to make it much easier for patients and doctors to monitor blood pressure.

Until now, the only way to do such continuous monitoring has been with a cumbersome inflatable cuff for the arm or wrist. Patients and their doctors can view hour graphs of blood pressure, and the system can sound alerts when it detects abnormalities in pressure or other measures. The research is part of a growing effort to use wireless monitors to capture round-the-clock medical data outside of the hospital.

Physicians hope such devices will inspire patients to better monitor their own health, and help uncover difficult-to-diagnose conditions, such as nighttime hypertension.

Set Time and Date on Timex IRONMAN Watch