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I actually would never send a third text besides something funny and rude. But your method is really good for a guy who would. So if you send a girl a few texts and she ignores you for more than 3 days in a row and then texts you asking “Hey lets go out, I was busy” your telling me you would say “I have no interest”. Yeah, sure you would. If youre douchy enough to text a girl who is ignoring you and call her a whore, for NOT wanting to sleep with you, then you are obviously not living a lifestyle that promotes positivity and good emotions. That girls owes you jack shit and calling her a is bascially you trying to satisfy that voice DEEP inside you telling you that you are not enough, you are not good enough for her. Instead of calling her a whore, try focusing on what you can do better next time so you can get laid, Actually from the sounds of things you should focus deeply on WHY that voice is telling you it is acceptable to text her “something funny and rude”. Where is the insecurity coming from? Find it and release your attachment and identification with it. Its the 21st century, my grandparents are the only people that still leave voice mails.

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Does it mean I want them back?! They just happened to be in the picture at the time. However, if it becomes a recurring dream, the analysis may be a little different. Trudie was married to a man named Carl, a wonderful man who she was crazy about. His only vice, her e-mail said, was that he was a workahaulic.

Sep 16,  · Husband Waits To Have Sex Until Marriage Then Learns Wife is 4 Months Pregnant Ever overheard a young troop talk about a girl he’s been dating for a week who wants to “wait” a certain number of months to have sex, and you couldn’t help but .

Early life[ edit ] Flavour, who is well known for his ability to sing fluently in the Igbo language , was born in Enugu State , Nigeria. The resident pastor at his church introduced him to a friend, Chris I. In , Flavour moved on from playing the drums and started playing the keyboard. Career beginnings[ edit ] At the age of 19, Flavour emerged unto Nigeria’s musical scene as a drummer and pianist for a local Enugu band.

After learning to play drums professionally, Flavour received an offer to perform at City Centre, Enugu. The massive crowd at City Centre inspired him to gain new grounds and reach great heights. Flavour’s educational background in music enabled him to learn music production from Dekumzy , Isi Charles and Nnachie. The album’s success was relative and limited to Eastern Nigeria, particularly Enugu State.

Flavour collaborated with Mr Raw on the album’s lead single titled “N’abania”.

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Sure African men make better husbands….. I think the African view of marriage is based on a. Men are the breadwinners. Polygamy because Africans are notorious for cheating which must be a strong genetic predisposal…I.

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Special thanks to Derek Rake for his input. When it comes to approaching women, most guys tend to freeze up… They look at the woman that they like, brave themselves to make the initial contact, and then turn to ice completely like the proverbial deer in the headlights. But who can blame them? Without a doubt, approaching women is definitely one of the hardest things a guy will ever have to do in a lifetime. For one, the mere thought of going up to a girl brings about various fears… such as the fear of negative response and the fear of rejection.

After all, you have absolutely no idea whether a girl will actually welcome your approach or shun it completely. Fortunately, there are ways out there on how to approach a girl that almost always bring about a positive response! Keep reading to find out what you have to do to get the results that you want every time you approach a girl that you like. Call it the fail-proof Shogun Method way if you must.

The good news is that women can be found practically everywhere , be it at school, at work, at the gym, in a club, at a bar, or even on the streets. Before you approach, get your Fractionation lines ready. For a simple Fractionation routine which you can use immediately, download the Fractionation Action Checklist.

She might just be having a bad day. Learn how to identify positive interest signals:

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In some cases, aspects of these folk religions have survived through syncretism with Christian symbolism and practice introduced by European colonials and slave owners. Casual observation may conclude that Christian symbolism is incorporated into Obeah worship, but in fact may represent clandestine worship and religious protest. It is from these arrivals and their spiritualisms that Obeah originates. Obia people and practised the same activities as the obeah men and women of the Caribbean like predicting the future and manufacturing charms..

There is also evidence of Akan names among Obeah men of the Caribbean in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Akan origin of Obeah has been criticised by several writers with an Igbo origin thought to be more likely.

During NYSC, you meet lots of guys; lots of potential male suitors. Lots of the guys pitch to you the idea of getting married to them. Unlike when you were in school when the guys pitch the idea of simply dating.

For other uses, see Motif disambiguation and Motive disambiguation. Through its repetition , a motif can help produce other narrative or literary aspects such as theme or mood. The flute in Arthur Miller ‘s play Death of a Salesman is a recurrent sound motif that conveys rural and idyllic notions. Another example from modern American literature is the green light found in the novel The Great Gatsby by F.

Narratives may include multiple motifs of varying types. In Shakespeare ‘s play Macbeth , he uses a variety of narrative elements to create many different motifs. Imagistic references to blood and water are continually repeated. The phrase “fair is foul, and foul is fair” is echoed at many points in the play, a combination that mixes the concepts of good and evil.

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Answered w ago Yes.. Me and my Girlfriend have been apart so long. Its long enough to make us understand about loving each other with minimal communication is possible. We have our own life, our own work, our own mood and our own time Time Zone. Respect each other and remember the quality is better than the quantity.

Nairaland forum. Nairaland news forum. 1. Nairaland is Nigeria’s biggest indigenous website and only Facebook, Yahoo, Google and blogspot have more views than it.

When you comply with the requirements of this programme then it is possible to live in Malaysia for a minimum of 10 years based on a multiple-entry social visit pass. However the financial requirements are quite strict: Applicants aged below 50 years are required to show proof of liquid assets worth a minimum of RM , and offshore income of RM10, per month. Applicants aged 50 and above may comply with the financial proof of RM , in liquid assets and off shore income of RM10, per month.

Those who have retired are required to show proof of receiving pension from government approved funds of RM 10, per month. New applicants who have purchased properties worth at least RM 1 million qualify to place a lower fixed deposit amount upon approval. Citizens from most western countries can stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 90 days when in possession of a tourist visa. This tourist visa is obtained on arrival at Kuala Lumpur International Airport or at the border with Thailand or Singapore.

Read more about entering Malaysia on a Tourist Visa Live in Malaysia without employment visa run Even without a permit there are many foreigners that stay in Malaysia for a longer period of time. Although they do not have a work permit and are not joining the MM2H programme, they are still able to stay in Malaysia for years.

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Going into a relationship, or for that matter: You can actually read about an experiment that was done to show if strangers can fall in love in a matter of hours just by asking each other questions and looking each other in the eye… Another reason for asking questions is that you can find out what makes her fall in love, what to do to make her feel appreciated and so on. One thing to bear in mind is to slowly build the intimacy. Who is your best friend and what do you love about her?

This will clue you in to personality traits she values. What are some of your favorite quotes from books and movies?

An advanced and user-friendly dating site. Take advantage of a modern dating website that gives you the opportunity to start a chat with single women you like right from the search results.

All about things out of the ordinary And it didn’t take long before people started comparing Linda Ikeji’s blog with Nairaland, and debating on which website makes more money. Some people that are ignorant of how money is made online have it at the back of their mind that Linda has to be doing something else to spend the way she has been spending. This, and the fact that I have read articles with a similar title as mine in the last couple of days, and I feel the authors of those articles didn’t do justice to their write-ups, urged me to write this article.

I don’t claim to be an expert, and I don’t know Linda personally. But as a blogger myself, I just felt I had to lend my voice to this debate. I’m going to try and make this as easy to digest as possible. This might be a lot of fun for the regulars on Nairaland, but serious advertisers would go with another option because of the singular factor. Go on Linda Ikeji right now, and the whole landing page is packed with Ads.

She has Google Adsense ads on her blog, as well as ads from direct advertisers. The whole left and right sides of the blog is filled with square and rectangular box Ads; these are Ads from direct advertisers. And according to her interview with Toolz on The Juice , she said it cost N , to have those ads up on her blog for a month 30 days. I just went on there right now, and counted 20 of those box Ads separate from the long Google Adsense ads Do the math yourself, I don’t want to scare you.

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