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Submachine guns PPSh41 Submachine guns cont. From their earliest days in the 16th century they were designed to be easily concealed, lightly carried, and operated with one hand. Yet such considerations are missing the point about handguns. In pure defense terms, handguns are about close-range reassurance. They can be deployed quickly, carried unobtrusively one of the principal reasons they are standard police weapons , and, within the limits of their performance, pack a hard punch. They also entered military service as cavalry weapons, part of the mounted tactic known as the caracole. The caracole seems to have developed around , and involved massed ranks of wheellock-armed cavalry riding to within pistol range, discharging their handguns at the enemy ranks, then wheeling back to their lines to reload.

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The product has a light brown color, a specific taste and the ability to be stored safely at room temperature for up to forty hours, much longer than most milk-based beverages. It has been produced since ancient times, typically using a Russian oven. Nowadays it is produced on an industrial scale. Soured or fermented baked milk, traditionally known as ryazhenka, is especially popular in Russia.

Banya A Banya is a traditional Russian wet steam bath , where bathing takes place inside special rooms or stand-alone wooden houses, with steam being produced by splashing water upon a heated furnace. Historically, banya developed simultaneously with its closest relative, the Finnish sauna.

x54r ammunition has reliably armed shooters for generations with a history dating back to Today, the Russian military still uses x54r rounds in various sniper rifles and shooters all over the world enjoy firing the round at the range and in the ://

We should probably just drop the issue since it has really wandered off topic from the original “Waffen Zustand” Cards that Tok was commenting on. The original question was “Must have been a lot of folks who just kept track of State property or maybe just weapons ” The Answer: Yes indeed but in West Germany things are not much different. To control a population you must constantly watch and record everything they do. You must look authoritarian, be intimidating and insist upon conformity.

My point was that these tactics were not first developed by the West Germans.

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Jena Verlag von Gustav Fischer. Bivalve paleogeography and the Hispanic corridor: Paleogeography, Paleoclimatology and Paleoecology, Ridge collision, slab-window formation, and the flux of Pacific asthenosphere into the Caribbean realm.

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Boys like her big brother. That sold her on judo. Eight years after her first Olympic competition, Tamura took just 38 seconds to sweep Russia’s Lioubov Brouletova to the ground for the first women’s judo gold of the Sydney Games. Her win was followed by another gold for Japan, by her extra-lightweight counterpart on the men’s team, Tadahiro Nomura, who needed only 14 seconds to beat South Korea’s Jung Bu-kyung.

Japan, which introduced judo to the Olympics in Tokyo in , remains the country to beat — team spokeman Yoshinori Nagase said Japan hopes to win five of the 14 golds. But judo is by no means a one-country sport. Cuba and Turkey already have won golds. Still, nowhere are judo champions more cherished than in the land where the sport was created. And Tamura is most cherished of all. When Tamura started doing judo in rural southern Japan, not many girls were in the sport and her mother tried to talk her out of it.

And in a few years, she was competing with the best in the world. At age 16, Tamura competed in her first Olympics — Barcelona in — and won the silver. In Atlanta in , she was the heavy favorite to win, going into the competition with a four-year unbeaten record.

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This article is about the Airweights. In my opinion, it is one of the best defensive carry guns, period. My first Model 38 was a Michigan police supply gun, easily recognizable by the blued frame and stainless cylinder. It is not a pretty gun, it is entirely functional, with a custom grip given to me by a retired State Trooper.

It has ridden in my pants pocket for several years. There is a decided advantage to a J-frame in a pants pocket.

Jul 15,  · I just bought a bulgarian mak for $ It came with all the cosmoline like goo and in a box with the original red star grips along with the import ones. I read on a link that there were some russian military maks imported as bulgies with the circle 10 stamp.

It was produced in several variations and sub-variations, including both the “Russian Model”, so named because it was supplied to the military of the Russian Empire 41, No. Schofield, who made his own modifications to the Model 3 to meet his perceptions of the Cavalry’s needs. Model 3 revolvers were later produced in an assortment of calibers, including. Most military pistols until that point were black powder cap and ball revolvers, which were by comparison slow, complicated, and susceptible to the effects of wet weather.

Schofield known as the “Schofield revolver” , providing that they could make the revolvers fire the. Government adopted the shorter. Despite the change, old stocks of the longer. Schofield, was the head of the Army Ordnance Board and the political situation may have been the main issue for the early end of army sales. The surplus Schofield revolvers were reconditioned by wholesalers and gunsmiths at professional factory-quality level with a considerable number offered for sale on the commercial market with a 5-inch barrel as well as the standard size barrel of 7 inches.

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Nell’aria elettrica le note di “Provaci ancora, Sim” si ionizzavano, come peraltro accadde altre Volt. Uno sparo improvviso echeggio’ nel locale, facendo volare il cappello di Biswood. Alle sue spalle, un omone fece capolino dall’uscio. Sul petto, scintillava una stella argentata.

European Journal of Taxonomy 2 ) and A. halophila Verhoeff, were junior synonyms of A. meridionalis Silvestri, and A. bilselii (Verhoeff, ), respectively; both of those synonymies were formally proposed later by Golovatch & Makarov (). However, comparison of the original drawings of A. meridionalis and A. aspromontis reveals considerable differences between.

Concealed Carry not critical. There are many on the market and I have have heard alot of different things. I just thought I would use this boards experience on this subject. My partner was married with four kids. He was the only major source of income for his family. While we we working together on this one job, there was a rash of home invasions in his area where he lived, and people being attacked and robbed walking from their car to thier home.

It was a pre-manufactured home developement outside of Dallas.

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See Article History Alternative Titles: It is bordered by Ukraine to the north, Russia to the northeast, Georgia to the east, Turkey to the south, and Bulgaria and Romania to the west. The Crimean Peninsula thrusts into the Black Sea from the north, and just to its east the narrow Kerch Strait links the sea to the smaller Sea of Azov. The Black Sea coastline is otherwise fairly regular. The maximum east-west extent of the sea is about miles 1, km , and the shortest distance between the tip of Crimea and Cape Kerempe to the south is about miles km.

The surface area, excluding the Sea of Marmara but including the Sea of Azov, is about , square miles , square km ; the Black Sea proper occupies about , square miles , square km.

To find the Year of Manufacture of your Bulgarian “Circle 10” Military Makarov, look at the serial number (S/N), normally found on the left side of the frame, above the grip. The first two letters are the Production series, the next two digits are the Year code, see list below. The last four digits are the unit number in that production series.

Nelson Mandela in hospital: When Mr Mandela left Ethiopia, the colonel in charge of his training give him a gun to symbolise his coming struggle — reportedly on the instructions of the Emperor himself. In late July , perhaps mindful that his days of freedom were numbered, Mr Mandela wrapped the Makarov pistol in foil and an army uniform and buried it under a tin plate along with rounds of ammunition in a 1.

During his subsequent year stay in jail, other properties were built in the grounds, including one on top of the suspected gun burial site. After Mr Mandela had been released, he visited Liliesleaf in and pointed out to Nicholas Wolpe, the son of a former ANC activist and chief executive of the Liliesleaf Trust, where he believed the gun was hidden, telling him: Mr Wolpe says he is confident that the weapon is underneath a house adjoining the farm, 5 George Avenue, which is owned by year-old pensioner Al Leenstra and inhabited by a pop singer called JMaxx.

Mr Leenstra has said he would be willing to sell the house for it to be demolished but Mr Wolpe is hoping it may not be necessary. The trust is looking into bringing in a team which normally works in war zones, using dogs which can scent ammunition.

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The adoption of the future AK assault rifle relegated the pistol to a light, handy self-defence weapon. Also, the Tokarev pistols omitted a safety and magazines were deemed too easy to lose. As a result, in December , two separate contests for a new service pistol were created, respectively for a 7. It was later judged that the new 9. Semin, was the best round suited for the intended role.

Jun 01,  · Is there a particular place to search for build dates, etc for rugers by serial number? I just bought a used Blackhawk and am curious to kn ow the exact age of it.

The portion west of the Weddell Sea and east of the Ross Sea is called West Antarctica and the remainder East Antarctica, because they roughly correspond to the Western and Eastern Hemispheres relative to the Greenwich meridian. In the dry valleys , the same effect occurs over a rock base, leading to a desiccated landscape.

The sheet has been of recent concern because of the real, if small, possibility of its collapse. If the sheet were to break down, ocean levels would rise by several metres in a relatively geologically short period of time, perhaps a matter of centuries. Antarctica contains many other mountains , on both the main continent and the surrounding islands. Mount Erebus on Ross Island is the world’s southernmost active volcano.

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