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I wrote the following, and posted the video on the day that the show aired! After that, I typed up a long version and a short version. I never posted either! Here is the short version of what I initially thought about the 16 cast members! I posted the video the night of the first show which is above this text. Here is a list of the cast members as well as their ages. I wanted to do my assessment of the good, bad and ugly of the house guests. Based off of watching 2 interviews and reading a short biography at the CBS website. I may be right about somethings and I may be wrong about others. And as the hose guests are evicted, I will do a post eviction video and blog for each of the Cast members.

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So I’m HOH this week. Not as excited as I thought I’d be. At least I know Derrick has my back. Caleb was walking out of the bathroom when Derrick and I gave him a look leading our way to the beehive room.

Nicole and Hayden are officially dating. They’re even talking about both relocating to perhaps the Chicago area. I like them as a couple and think something might just happen with them down the road.

Yesterday was a great day of live feeds!!! The fun began in the morning with a luxury comp alert, and lasted all day long, and into the night! The hgs woke up to a message on the living room TV screen: Caleb’s delusions included every impossible luxury item in the universe, designed especially for him. Most of them were various combinations of celebrities, recording contracts, and a big ass diesel truck.

The front door opened, and the jury members were back in the house! It was the best four minutes of feeds in days. The jury went berzerker in the BB house!!! They trashed every room! Clothes, towels, dishes, food, and bedding were flying through the air!

Big Brother USA Live Feed Updates: Cody Calzone is a Cheap Date, Apparently. #BB16

The Amazing Race On your mark, get set It’s the 25th season of Philiminations and people who don’t take the time to learn how to drive a manual transmission car!

Jun 06,  · Christine turning on Hayden & Nicole was a godawful move, especially since Christine was the one to actually backdoor her. Seriously, I can’t emphasize how awful of a player Christine was. Seriously, I can’t emphasize how awful of a player Christine was.

I totally missed this the first time around, until Nicole reacted with shock at going for a cheek kiss and getting full-on lips action. This picture should say plenty about the reception Nicole was about to get in the house. Mainly, they had figured Donny was on the ropes and on his way out, and now here comes Nicole. What we do learn during this time is that Donny has been working on not only Christine but everyone in the Detonators.

So he instructs the house to never be alone with Nicole or Donny and focus on getting down to 7. A Lone Head of Household Emerges The houseguests had to call upon their memories of when certain events occurred and properly input that value into their boxer input pad.


As unrealistic as unscripted television may be, the popularity of this trend is a clear reflection of a cultural reality: While we fight for basic rights in the courtroom, we just as sincerely need meaningful friendships in the living room—with everyone. How surprised were you to find out just how huge Zankie had become?

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Create New Big Name Fan: It made its creator who was, admittedly, fortunate to begin with rich enough to launch his own TV station in the Netherlands. The UK version from Channel 4 to Channel 5 in Frankie and Paul appeared on the ill-fated trainwreck that was a game show adaptation of Candy Crush. Tyler has played on Total Knockout before his season even began. Charley Uchia from the series was kept in for as long as possible, due to being the closest thing that season had to a villain.

Not even being warned when she and 2 other housemates said the N word on day 9 of the 3, the only whie one was thrown out at 1 am without so much as a warning. One week, she, Nikki and Billi all had their nominations cancelled for talking about them. Conveniently enough, this played out so that only Charley was actually removed from the eviction pool, and it would have been the first time she was actually up for eviction too. A few weeks later, she would have been up again but then the eviction that week was changed so that the evictee would be interviewed with the house watching without her knowledge, but then allowed back into the house.

It took another 2 weeks losing her one ally Nikki in the interim before she was finally out. It emerged after the series that in the 6th week, she’d once again used the N word, and was reprimanded off screen. Pretty much every single twist happened to make sure any of the vets except for Daniele won that season.

SE Nominations #11

For once, Caleb truly was the king of the house. It was interesting and for me, more than a little annoying to watch as Christine went from gleefully plotting to vote out Zach to pretending that she was shocked to discover that Zach had been the target. Anyway, both Derrick and Cody decided to keep Zach in the house and, in typical Derrick style, they managed to convince Frankie that it was all his idea.

Watching all of this, I realized a few things. His scheme to get rid of Zach was already overly complicated and it could have very easily blown up in his face this week.

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Big Brother gave the hgs alcohol last night, and Victoria drank almost a whole bottle of wine. She was a bit tipsy to say the least. Derrick kept telling her to stop, but she kept right on drinking. She got all flirty, and giggly, and seriously annoying. She kept smiling at Derrick. She followed him around just like the old days. She obviously forgot every last bit of her secret agent training. At one point she could barely keep her eyes open, but she would not go to sleep until the guys went to sleep.

After she spent almost an hour telling Caleb how wonderful he is, Caleb returned the favor in that special BeastMode way he has: Love you Caleb insert extremely long awkward hug here Caleb: Not gonna say you are the best competitor Well, I have done good socially. I never stirred up anything, I stayed loyal Caleb:

Chapter Seven

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Julie talks to Nicole about going from HOH to being evicted in one week. Nicole said that the guys made her sound like a huge threat, but she’s not. Nicole says that she loves Donny when Julie asked if she would want to keep in touch with anyone in the house. Nicole said it was a smart move for Christine, but that Nicole is hurt. Julie asks about the relationship with Hayden. Nicole wants to see him in the jury house, but she doesn’t know if the relationship would continue. Nicole watched BB since she was eight, and she had a great experience in the house.

Christine hopes they can be friends outside. Derrick looks forward to talking to her outside. Donny says that Nicole was his last, close friend in the house, and he will be very alone in the house. Nicole said that she would do things differently if she goes back in the house.

Bitchy Big Brother Blog: 06/01/

Zach won’t actually go for Frankie because he’s not into pre-op trannies. Frankie is not as flamboyant as he might come across. Don’t get me wrong.. I’ve seen guys being much more flamboyant than him. What sets it off is his ridiculous hair and clothes..

BB16 Episode 27 – August 24, After celebrating Nicole’s win, the jurors have to depart. Hayden whispers “Derrick and Cody” into Nicole’s ear but what does Jacosta do? Tells Nicole she’s going to pray nonstop for her and then plants a big ol’ kiss right on Nicole’s lips.

Caleb is my dude. They will see how despicable they were to eachother. It will end in tears. I don’t know where you got that one I heard Derrick say last week on BBAD that he thought he wanted a boy originally, but since he’s had a daughter, he’d be stoked to have another girl because of the “daddy’s little girl” dynamic. He said girls are closer to their dad. What’s all this about “bathroom doorgate”?

Why was Victoria’s name on the bathroom door and why is it now a matter of national security that it was scratched off by someone during the jury vandalism gag? Cody just wants to be worshiped and fingered. And Zack is an eternal 16 year old boy in the school gym locker room daring to believe he could make out with someone he secretly loves. Cody has talked a lot crap about Zach behind his back and after he was evicted to the point of sounding jealous about Zach and now he wants to be his friend again.

Dorky Day’s Big Brother Blog: September

It has been much too long since we have all been together so I’d like everyone to please close their eyes and grab the hand of the person next to them. Feel their energy leaving their hand and entering yours. Feel their love, their generosity, their kindness, and the childlike joy they feel at the start of a new Big Brother season. Now I’d like you to bathe your neighbor in a healing pink light. Imagine the light shooting up their appendages and down their phalanges.

Oct 05,  · *Watch in HD* I made this a couple of weeks ago but I never uploaded it. Yes I’m very aware that she’s dating Hayden but I still lowkey think nicole and cody would look hella cute together.

Live feed updates, gossip, and other tidbits. Yes, I post spoilers. He’s a Have Not, and he got up early and laid outside on the hammock. I’ll bet it feels good out there at that hour, after laying on that brick in the Have Not room. Nicole got ready for the day, and her frog costume. Last night I thought Production had given Nicole some green shorts to wear, but it turns out she rolled up the legs as far as she could.

Jocosta sounds much better.

Big Brother USA Live Feed Updates: It’s Not Easy Being Green #BB16

Live feed updates, gossip, and other tidbits. Yes, I post spoilers. BB16 People with a buzz are fun. Energetic, talkative, often very witty.

heidi and i eat sleep breathe big brother// kevin and pilar are.

However, Lateysha immediately turns to see her recording, while Jackson continues to stoically refuse. Lateysha, Laura and Sam plead with him to push his pod button and he eventually gives in. The parents are overcome with emotion while watching their children on a plasma screen in the garden. Jackson eventually decided to watch the video recorded by his son The happy pair return to the house, greeted with hugs from their housemates.

Earlier in the episode, Jackson told Big Brother in the diary room: After sobbing in the toilets, he stormed off to the Diary Room where he began hyperventilating in between screaming abuse.