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Elongation West of Sun Max ends So, if Mercury is associated with thought, communication, planning, travel, commerce and the like, why would people believe that Mercury Max and the lesser included Mercury Retrograde is a comedy of errors? Normally this passes unnoticed, until Mercury comes into high focus during its Max cycle. Crank up your due diligence; get out the green eye shades and the bifocals, get your backup plans and fallback positions all lined up. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And it could well be tougher than usual this time around, since Mercury is within a few degrees of Saturn when the Max cycle gets underway. This overloads electrical networks and systems – including the human nervous system in addition to computer networks, power systems, transportation grids and the like. It also feeds extra power into storms and seismic disturbances. What about the so-called “Mercury shadow” and “Mercury storm” lore of astrological tradition? Mercury Max is based on actual astronomical phenomena, namely the maximum east and west elongation of Mercury from the Sun. As for the bull market, that could well run up until around the time of the Saturn-Pluto alignment.

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The Romans reinterpreted myths and concepts pertaining to the Greek Eros for Cupid in their own literature and art, and medieval and Renaissance mythographers conflate the two freely. In the Greek tradition, Eros had a dual, contradictory genealogy. He was among the primordial gods who came into existence asexually; after his generation, deities were begotten through male-female unions.

If you have been convinced since reading books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus that your relationship troubles can be blamed on your partner because of their sex, you might need to.

We have scanned every corner of the earth and our solar system. We have spent so much time exploring and understanding everything around us, and yet we know so little of ourselves. In my view, self-awareness lies at the root of our spiritual path. This is where our attention is most needed for us to evolve to the next step in our evolution. As we slowly begin to move upward into the age of light, the frequency on our planet will rise and awakenings will intensify.

The more we connect with our own true nature the more we are able to understand ourselves as transcendent beings.

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How much do you know about the differences between men and women in relationships? Take this quiz to find out. We talk about your relationships. How committed are you? Once we know where you are and where you want to be, we figure out how committed you are to making your dreams a reality. We make your desired love life your reality.

The author of the most well-known and trusted relationship book of all time returns with an updated guide for today’s generation. Two decades ago, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus revolutionized the way we thought about love and partnership. John Gray’s work has helped countless readers improve and even save their s: 8.

Women use sex to have relationships , men use relationships to have sex. Men and women are different, of course, and the two genders feel differently about sex. But most discussions of the male-female divide claim the differences are as vast and unbridgeable as the Grand Canyon, that men and women cannot possibly understand each other. A recent study of gender differences around sexuality paints a much different picture. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison used statistical techniques to combine the results of more than studies published from to Then they combined those results with the findings of several other large ongoing surveys that together include tens of thousands of American, English, and Australian adults.

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See my copyright notice for fair use practices. Select the photographs to display the original source in another window. Links to external sites will be displayed in another window. Terrestrial planets have hard surfaces that can be re-shaped by several different processes:

The archetypes Mars and Venus in our astrological natal charts hold a mirror to our inner world, revealing a great deal of information about our relationships.

Besides silicon and oxygen, the most abundant elements in the Martian crust are iron, magnesium , aluminum , calcium , and potassium. Surface geology Main article: Geology of Mars Mars is a terrestrial planet that consists of minerals containing silicon and oxygen , metals , and other elements that typically make up rock. The surface of Mars is primarily composed of tholeiitic basalt , [40] although parts are more silica -rich than typical basalt and may be similar to andesitic rocks on Earth or silica glass.

Regions of low albedo suggest concentrations of plagioclase feldspar , with northern low albedo regions displaying higher than normal concentrations of sheet silicates and high-silicon glass. Parts of the southern highlands include detectable amounts of high-calcium pyroxenes.

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Larger text size Very large text size If you have been convinced since reading books like Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus that your relationship troubles can be blamed on your partner because of their sex, you might need to think again. A new study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology has revealed the seismic news that men and women are categorically the same.

Men and Women really aren’t so different, after all, it turns out. Or so scientists believe. Reis and lead author Bobbi Carothers from Washington University in St Louis, looked at previous studies, analysing different characteristics such as fear of success, intimacy and empathy in 13, individuals. They found that on the whole, men and women did not fall into different groups.

The Astrology of features Uranus in Taurus, Chiron in Aries, two total Lunar Eclipses, and the relationship planets Venus and Mars retrograde. In there are no major aspects between the outer planets and no significant stressful aspects. Overall, is a much better year.

He describes the core reasons why couples break up and how to avoid them. He shows that while women especially need care, understanding, and respect… Men tend to be more focused on their need to be trusted, accepted and appreciated. Of course we all need each of these things, but this subtle differentiation can make a dramatic difference in nurturing a relationship to expand and thrive rather than contract and wither.

I have just finished reading this new sequel, and I am astounded by how grounded in science and practically applicable this next level of coaching is. Years of studies correlating emotions, hormone cycles and styles of communication, have led Dr. Gray to a system of specific coaching on relationship effectiveness, the likes of which I have never seen. As a relationship coach and facilitator for two decades, I was exposed to many of the best and brightest in the field.

Few had more lasting influence on my own relationships and teaching than John. His remarkable work as a therapist and author has helped countless couples to deepen their intimacy and rejuvenate their love lives. He has awakened millions of people to the vital insight that men and women tend to have different needs, process their emotions in different ways and communicate with different styles. Knowing this can empower us to anticipate and respond to our partners in ways that are far more gratifying.


The Maya Venus According to the Manuscript of Serna, a missionary report from central Mexico, the natives “adored and made more sacrifices” to Venus than any other “celestial or terrestrial creatures” apart from the sun. The Manuscript also tells us that: Both the Nahautl and Yucatec names translate as “quetzel bird-snake” or “plumed serpent”. Kukulkan was a post-Classical deity, perhaps introduced to the Maya by the Toltecs, who were influential at Chichen Itza and other centres in the northern Yucatan.

In , John Gray, a relationship therapist and former monk, published Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. The book became an instant hit—not just a bestseller, but also a full-fledged pop.

Link Men and Women really aren’t so different, after all, it turns out. Or so scientists believe. Reis and lead author Bobbi Carothers from Washington University in St Louis, looked at previous studies, analysing different characteristics such as fear of success, intimacy and empathy in 13, individuals. They found that on the whole, men and women did not fall into different groups. Gender difference “is an outmoded and limited way of seeing relationships and I think it is an easy way to operate within relationships because it justifies behaviour and patterns in some relationships.

I think that science is used to justify gender difference as natural but there is resounding evidence that our culture, society, norms, expectations, customs and ideologies play the most significant role in shaping the gender order. Since then it has remained a popular way of explaining common problems couples face trying to get along. Together with my girlfriends we used it as a manual to try and understand some of the more baffling behaviour of our partners.

Why did they prefer to go to the pub and watch the rugby on Saturday afternoons than see us? There seemed to be little point trying to understand the opposite sex if what Gray was teaching us was correct — they were as unfathomable as alien beings. Relationships Australia counsellor Denise Reichenbach says she found Men Are From Mars was useful for explaining in an easy to access way why some couples struggle with one of the biggest issues in a relationship — communication.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. Dr Lissa Johnson, a clinical psychologist based in Sydney with more than 15 years counselling experience, says that many individuals still buy into the notion that men are from Mars and women are from Venus to the detriment of their relationships.

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Ever since the dawn of creation, it has been an undisputed fact — men and women have completely different characters. A study has found we share a vast range of identical traits. Battle of the sexes:

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The secret of empowering a man is never to try to change him or improve him. The best way to help a man grow is to let go of trying to change him in any way. To avoid been hurt, a man usually fights or flies. To avoid been hurt, a woman usually fakes or folds.

Venus Trine Mars love Synastry ~ Fulfilling Relationship. Venus Aspects. Venus shows what a man is attracted to in a woman. Being with a woman who is strong in his Venus element, or who makes close sextiles to his Venus makes the relationship much easier, and .

Share on Messenger Close Do men and women speak the same language? Can they ever really communicate? These questions are not new, but since the early s there has been a new surge of interest in them. Countless self-help and popular psychology books have been written portraying men and women as alien beings, and conversation between them as a catalogue of misunderstandings. Advice on how to bridge the communication gulf between the sexes has grown into a flourishing multimedia industry.

Gray’s official website, for instance, promotes not only his various Mars and Venus books, but also seminars, residential retreats, a telephone helpline and a dating service. These explain that the gulf between men and women is a product of nature, not nurture.

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Plot summary[ edit ] The story starts with the philologist Elwin Ransom , some years after his return from Mars at the end of Out of the Silent Planet , receiving a new mission from Oyarsa , the angelic ruler of Mars. Ransom summons narrator-Lewis to his country home. Ransom explains to Lewis that he Ransom is to travel to Perelandra Venus , where he is to counter some kind of attack launched by Earth’s Black Archon Satan. Ransom is transported in a casket-like vessel seemingly made of ice, which contains only himself.

He gets Lewis to blindfold him so the sunlight will not blind him once he travels beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

ESA Euronews: Setting off to Mercury with BepiColombo Mercury is a planetary misfit, an oddball in the solar system, and this month the BepiColombo mission is setting off to study it in unprec.

A team from the University of Southampton used physics and mathematics to work out what the violent weather of our solar system might sound like – capturing the crashing sounds of lightning on Venus, whirlwinds on Mars and ice volcanoes on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. That is because the planet’s dense atmosphere means that the vocal cords vibrate more slowly through this ‘gassy soup’ This artist’s rendition shows a lake of methane on Titan – scientists simulated sounds from Saturn’s icy moon They have also modelled the effects of different atmospheres, pressures and temperatures on the human voice on Mars, Venus and Titan, and found that on Venus humans would sound like bass Smurfs.

This ignores, of course, certain basic facts about Venus – that it’s degrees Celsius on the surface, for a start, and that the pressure is 96 times higher than Earth. A real human would sound like a dead Smurf. But Leighton’s team modelled the effects purely in terms of physics, working out the effects on the sound of a human voice. That is because the planet’s dense atmosphere means that the vocal cords vibrate more slowly through this ‘gassy soup’.

On Venus, humans sound like bass Smurfs. On Venus, humans sound like bass Smurfs Prof Leighton, who has been working on the sounds of space for the last ten years and has previously made the sound of a methane waterfall in space, added: What would they sound like? While most planetary probes have focused on imaging with cameras and radar and a couple have carried microphones, none of them successfully listened to the sound of another world.